Bridal Portraits

January 13, 2022

Talking to both photographers and brides, taking ten minutes either before your ceremony or during bridal portraits with your spouse, is something I totally recommend. In ten minutes, you can achieve beautiful and unique bridal portraits in a time that is designated specifically for you.

During this time I recommend working all angles and a beautiful backdrop that reflects the aesthetic of your day. You can work the dress like in this last image. You can work a monochromatic all white look that is super bridal. This bride used the white ferns from her arch floral piece to achieve this look.

We did full body shots, upward angles showing off the reception space and beautifully framed portraits. The photos are so stunning because in each image we framed her body, arms, and dress in a triangle which is photographically pleasing. Refer back to the images and notice the bend on the arms, the form of the dress, and where she looks and places her head in order to create the visual triangle.

My favorite image is where she reaches her arm out (again in a triangular shape) creating depth in the image. These simple adjustments turn a regular bridal portrait session into something more editorial. It looks like a magazine photoshoot, not just a wedding day picture. For more information, check out my Youtube channel where I demonstrate this method and how you can achieve dramatic bridal portrait photos like these.