Unique Couple’s Photography Session

January 13, 2022

A common misconception when it comes to couple’s photography is that your images need to be traditional. By traditional I mean, they are the typical “prom pose,” or general engagement session style with the two of you standing side by side, your faces clearly showing. Imagine the engagement announcement magnets you get from your college friends that stay on your fridge for a few months before you throw them away.

I feel like those traditional type images definitely have a place. That place in my opinion is the 4×6 print you send your grandmother. The rest of your images should be taken in your taste, telling your story.

Chances are, this couple, these two people featured above are complete strangers to you. But through these five images, my guess is you can tell me a few things about them. You can make some easy assumptions.

You notice the man plays guitar and is looking towards the women for guidance. She has a book she is reading from. Maybe she is a songwriter or singer. Maybe the two people enjoy this hobby together. He plays, she sings. Maybe this is how they connect, what brought them together, and what they do either for a living, for fun together, or both. The women has a tattoo or a vintage microphone on her arm. At this point you can conclude she is definitely a singer. The couple is comfortable, perhaps in their home and sharing a glimpse of their life or what their life together looks like when they are at home.

Shouldn’t this style be how we announce to the world our love or the beginning of our lives together. Maybe you’ve been married for years and for a Christmas card or an anniversary shoot you want to share your lives without all the words. A photoshoot catered towards who you are as human beings and your interests together can help you illustrate that. Images that have more meaning that just portraits of the both of you in your favorite outfit of the moment, in my opinion, will hold more meaning to you in the long run. Years down the road, something personal, an image that actually reflects how you define yourselves, will hold more value.

That is what I aim to do when photographing couples. Tell your story.